A little about me. My graduate studies focused on language. Early on
I had an interest in becoming a fashion designer, and still do love fashion.

Coming from a lineage of jewelry craftsmen, my sights turned to jewelry design.
I’ve combined my love of language and fashion into designing pieces that tell a story.
My passion is designing jewelry as art. I’m intrigued by combining history with the present,
hand selecting and creating unique arrangements of stones and elements.
The mystery of not knowing who will finally be treasuring the finished work.

Ten Table Rings

It’s funny, the name Ten Table came from the idea that
you can see these rings from ten tables away.

The Ten Table is a signature design of Sylva & Cie.
Diamonds are individually selected to create an
overall pattern.

This style has been embellished with turquoise,
maybe it’s the Eleven Table?

What Inspires Me

The movement created by fashion icons
for a more spare powerful way of dressing.
Clean lines, simple shapes and an
androgynous style in fashion.

Bold statements from women like Coco Channel,
Babe Payley and Katherine Hepburn, strong females
who eschewed lacey and overly femine garments
for a more tailored ‘garcon’ style of dressing.

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